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And so it begins…

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Objects and things have fascinated me for quite some time now. Given my background in design and design studies, this is perhaps not surprising: objects and things are central to both the practice and scholarship of design.

In contemporary design practice and design studies however, objects and things are often eclipsed by discussions of “users.” Again, this is perhaps not surprising as design tends to be concerned with objects and things in use. And yet, I wonder if in our relentless pursuit of understanding use and users, we are missing something important when it comes to objects and things. Too often, it seems, objects and things are considered as either merely symbolic entities or as means for an ends.

This blog is an endeavor to reconsider objects and things in design, and too, in art. I might even say it’s an endeavor to “recover” objects and things in design and art — to reassert their importance as entities of study in and of themselves.

Over the past year, I have followed the lively discussions of objects and things unfolding online. I have also had the opportunity to engage in many a discussion about objects and things with my colleague Ian Bogost, who encouraged me to “join the conversation.” And so, with this post, it begins…


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February 1, 2010 at 2:56 am

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